vVv Gaming Looking to Re-Rebuild Halo division!

Hello! Greetings!

I am Apollo, I am in the process of attempting to re-build the Halo division of vVv Gaming. If you do not know what vVv Gaming is, it is a gaming community that prides itself on it’s community. They have/had some of the best teams, and players in the world playing for them in the eSports world. vVv Gaming is dedicated to growing the eSports world, as well as developing their community members both as players, and as a person. Below I linked a few links for some reading if you want to look into it.

What is a vVv Gamer:

vVv Gaming’s Top 4 LAN placements:

Now as much emphasis is put on eSports, it is a community, becoming part of the Halo community requires activity on their forums, as well as an application process once we have enough people that they consider bringing it back! While we do put an emphasis off the bat of competitive Halo, but we reach into all aspects, BTB, SWAT, other game types…We have 4 Halos worth of custom games now :)!!

Myself? I am a Halo Coach with 8+ MLG events under my belt, I also help with local tournaments at a LAN Center around my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I have been involved with various communities around the Halo scene since the early Halo 2 days.

I would be happy to talk with anyone that would be interested :slight_smile: Feel free to contact me either of the ways below:

Twitter: OhMyApollo
Skype: InsiderApollo


You can post here/Message me on here :slight_smile:

Looking forward to talking to everyone!

Very interesting Apollo I’m down to join vvv. I currently have a 2.3 kd in the MCC and have been playing halo since 08. I’m just looking for good teammates in Team Slayer. That know what they are doing. Gt is Coliwobbl3s.

GT : dataKiss
OLD pc player with several league exp in games like
not new to console neither.
its hard to find players to play with. too many players base people off stats.
throw me in a scrim and youll see my potential.

GT: Shifty1881

Just hit me up if you’re still looking for people I’m just looking for some people to play some games with


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Still looking for a bunch of people

GT: Tikster89. Just looking for some people to play with regularly and have fun.

bump for a friend

Hello apollo, im interested in joining.
Twitter: @Snorlarx
GT: Snorlarx

would love to be apart of the rebuild
GT- unst0ppab1e

just hit me up