Vote to bring back Double EXP (CR) weekend!

I don’t know about you, but i really enjoyed Double EXP weekend on Halo 3, it got me from Sergeant to Lieutenant so fast! It was probably more fun considering you couldn’t get demoted on it! But i mean still!
Who’s with me?!


Yeah! Double Credit Weekend!

Double EXP was weekends was Halo 3’s thing, although they could make challenges even easier with a higher payout during weekend times. Also think of all the boosters and farmers that would abuse the cR system more than they already do during those weekends if there were double cR.

I don’t think double cR weekends are beneficial right now for Halo | Reach. Maybe when the game starts to age more and even less people play it, the idea to do extra cR would bring in more players (Gears 2).

you have a good point there. I originally posted that because i was still WOG3, the most tiresome rank until commander. I really wanted to get promoted. I’m captain now but barely

You’ll go through the Captain ranks fairly quickly compared to the Warrant Officer ranks.

I would agree with a bunch of the things already stated, but Halo Reach and Black Ops are in a sort of player war. People either vote to play Halo or COD and i’m a Halo fan and want to see Halo triumph in the end. Lets keep this discussion up so that it becomes one of the most popular and the idea really gets taken into consideration.

Every playlist should get a DcR Weekend! :smiley:


You werent satisfied enough when Bungie was doing the credit jackpots? I thought those worked pretty well… You had the whole weekend to score 1 HUGE jackpot (usually about 20,000 cr) each day in the weekend… So you could usually pick up about an extra 40,000 credits or so.

I think that doubling the credits you get would only promote AFK’ers, farmers, etc to play. But I wouldnt mind seeing the credit jackpots return.

they should upgrade the amount of cr per game if u guys thinks its a bad idea to X2 the credits

Double xp weekend would just cause you to hit the cap twice as fast.

They could throw a few playlists we have now into a weekend playlist. That way we could cut down on some of the playlists and give people extra cR’s and extra options on the weekend.