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Yes I agree, but WW1 and 2 were both very dark and bleak moments in history. So it would be fitting to have this event AU be very grimdark, especially since we’re playing German themed soldiers

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Neither of those statements are quite true. The event is Dieselpunk, not Grimdark. Even then, while Space Marines are definitely prone to collateral damage and valuing the mission above all else, they also still recognize the utility of lesser persons and at the very least will see them as tools when weighing their value against the current mission. Happy to sacrifice a few lives for the mission, but also happy to a sacrifice a few more for humanity.

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No this is a reference to a movie called Illang : The wolf brigade, the armor looks a lot more like the armor in the event, it’s on Netflix go check it out and plus who knows it could a mixture of the movie, halo, WW1 and 2, also Warhammer. But eh I think it mostly looks like the Illang : The wolf brigade movie


But it doesn’t have to be straight-up Warhammer

Why is Henrik Gläsmann’s name extremely similar to the doctor Henry Glassman from Halo 4’s Spartan Ops story?


So true spartan warrior so true

“protect humanity whatever the cost”… Chief

As someone said earlier, they should save the civvies, but make them help with the mission. even in some small capacity.

We are not machines and the lives of those who are innocent should always be a priority taken into account. Time to save the day Spartan HURRAH!!!

Fantastic story I was engulfed in the hole diesel-punk theme. Truthfully a spartan will always stay on mission but… “the missions change, they always do”.

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No way, focus on the mission.

Fix the link. It just redirects to Bing.

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:heart: pride and vote now :heart:

I just pressed the first one because the link didn’t work hop i chose right?

Can I get a link to the story?

How do I even read the story?? I can’t find it. The link is broken.

Nice find, that would be cool if the do that

Just one of those things I do when waiting for a match. I also noticed that the armor kit description for Kat and Emile are the are also bugged.
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Yes i agree civilians come first