Vote Here: Which Map Is Your Favorite?

After voting Post which Gametypes, weapon(s) are your favorite

haven 4v4
longbow btb and dominion

Gametype: SWAT
Weapon: Plasma Nades! :smiley: If not, the Battle Rifle.

Probably Haven but I typically enjoy complex as well for slayer. Oddball or team regicide are my favorites, slayer my 3rd favorite. Depending on map Carbine and Lightrifle are my favorite loadout weapons. Scattershot is my favorite power weapon.

For BTB: Exile.

For “regular” Slayer gametypes: Complex/Haven

For Objectives: Harvest (+ Wreckage for KoTH)

Worst maps are Vortex and Abandon. Well…at least Abandon is good for Flood. But Vortex…only played 3 games on it and I hope it stays at that.

My favourite large map is Vortex, I love the vehicles on there and also its full of good sniping and hiding spots, also I love the dark look of the map.

My favourite small map is Solace because of the awesome look and all the hiding spots which makes it great for SWAT.

My favourite game types are SWAT,BTB and Dominion and my favourite weapon is the Binary Rifle.

Favourite gametype: team regicide. I also like CTF, but it needs fix and fast.

Weapon of choice: DMR