Vote for Master Cheif's companion for Halo 5!

Although, it’s probably already been written… Let’s all post who we think Master Chief should be accompanied with throughout the Halo 5 Campaign! For example, imagine if Sarge Johnson was composed into an AI… His banter is hilarious!

Post who you think guys!

a sgt johnson AI :wink:

Sarah palmer!

arbiter halo 3 status.

a nickel named phillip!

I really do hope that’s the case for Halo 5! Apparently Thel is appearing in Spartan Ops as his faction is still UNSC allied!

I doubt they killed cortana. Something will happen.

a vollyball named Wilson.

My mind first went to a Halo/Doctor Who cross over…

And I would still watch/play it.



Would love to see both Covenant groups in Halo 5 and to find along side the Arbiter again.

i’d probobly choose thorne, he’s one of the new characters i actually think is cool

Spartan Jared Miller…

id like it to be Lasky


A rogue A.I. named Caboose.

Seriously though, it’d be awesome to see Chief bump into the Arbiter and team up again.

All those are good companions but he needs his squad back. Fred, Kelly, and Linda have to be put in to the game. Arbiter will also be an ally of Chief. the only spartan squad we played with was Noble and well. They sucked. As for A.I Church!

It would be funny if the Arbiter came back from no where to help Chief with these insurrectionist Elites.

Sgt Johnson in AI form I could imagine the banter Ha.

The Arbiter