Vortex's Flood ideas

I know many may or may not care about the flood, nor do they want to hear other ideas from other Halo fans. Keep this in mind that, this is still a free country and people have the right as long as they make room for disagreement which I fully understand. I’ll respect others opinions even if I don’t like them, but also take heath that if you say something bad, think really hard do you want someone to trash talk your ideas. Now these are just rough sketches that I came up with to further the expansion of the flood they’re may favorite as many will tell.

I have few flood variants; Juggernaut Type-2 Half the size of a covenant scarab and Juggernaut Type-3 is About the size of Scarab just few inches/centimeters shorter, Atmosphere Breacher; The next form after the brain and is used to take over satalites in order to alter the planet’s atmosphere for the flood to invade, Space Turret form-Well after the Breacher form and is more evolved type of flood without the need of space crafts this acts like a huge orbiting turret platform, except flood style.

I will have some pictures of my sketches posted on a website for those to check it out. These are my interpretations of other possible flood forms since it seems the flood have endless forms in the Halo universe. So fire away whether which words you choose to use and just remember I don’t believe them to be the best at all, do believe them to be imaginable and with my own vision of what possibilities flood could have. Personally I want more flood in the future Halo games, and someday allow the player to play as a flood or control it’s cool forces.

Hard to say but I’m bigger in the Ai’s witty comments…i would have to go with the flood… one easy ambition and no rules…:smiley: like a real infestation!

Ok, the following is more likes one is one above labeled "Juggernaut Type-2 so enjoy and thanks for any comment either nice or mean reply still shows that this is grabbing attention of useers all around the globe.

Juggernaut Type-3 Flood

Atmosphere Breacher

And last but certainly not least!

Flodd Space Turret Forms!

I wish this site would allow users to post pictures of stuff as art, but oh well check them out and fire your ammunition rounds at them or whatever good day.