Voices of War still not available in Europe

Well title speaks for it selfe, since weeks im gettin the “Season Pass Error.” still cannot buy the pack. It was told that its getting fixxed this Week … still nothing . Dose someone got some sort of intel?

Not this week. Realistically, I don’t think it will be available until after the holidays.

> Q: Why isn’t the Voices of War REQ Pack available in my region?
> A: Don’t worry, it’s coming! What was initially believed to be simply a Marketplace Store localization delay has unforutnately turned into a slightly more complicated issue that is regrettably going to result in a further delay before Voices of War is avaialble in non-English regions. We are deeply sorry for this delay and the resulting inconvenience this brings to Halo 5 fans across the world. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for Voices of War and are working to release it worldwide as soon as possible. We’re unable to commit to a firm ETA at this time but expect it will take at least several more weeks to resolve. Again, our apologies and thank you for your patience.
> Note: Some players are reporting a “season pass” error when trying to purchase the Voices of War pack from the Marketplace store. This is a result of the pack not being officially available yet in your region.