Voices of war effects more than one account?

I know that the free update is coming for Halo 5 and was wondering if the bonus optional content of the Voices of War is another update itself for Halo 5.
I’m not the only one that uses my xbox so there’s other accounts on there, but if I buy the pack would it benefit all accounts or just mine?
Regardless of the answer I will be happy to purchase the bonus pack especially since $10 ain’t all that much to support those dedicated voice actors.

Most likely just yours but we will see.

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> Most likely just yours but we will see.

Probably this. Also, it’s affects not effects. It gets confused a lot.

See, it used to be anone on the hard drive as long as you signed in (in halo unfortunately).

I just want to get a map pack, and play it offline with buddies, to be fair though halo 5 is always online, but at least the updates make it so that everyone has everything.

I think it would just benefit your account, no one elses.

its only on one account.

Most certainly it will only be for the account that purchases it. it will be just like any other req pack you buy.

The free stuff is for all accounts and the purchased stuff is for the account that purchased whatever.

just yours, like with all the other paid packs