Voice line problems

So I have Voiceprint LRP5 which is a femine voice you can pick in Spartan ID.

There seems to be a problem in games where the voice will change to i think the defaults masculine voice which is kinda annoying as Im trying to be my spartan.

Like call out on weapons or locations obviously not the voice I picked it seems to happen pretty frequently like id say 50% of the time and I think your voice will change when you pick up weapons someone else has first

Like how skins stay on weapons you pick up I think it somehow changes your voice like dont know why but thats what i theorized one reason it could be happening .

This is just a minor issue but it does effect my immersion with my spartan ty for your time wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

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I would like to add that the ai seems to switch to butlr as a default in some matches/rounds


Having the same issue - and it’s no wonder no one will play as a female spartan - after a match or two they revert to males :confused: