Voice chat not working


Is anyone aware of any issues that might cause voice chat to just not work on Xbox?

I have my chat settings set to ‘Open mic’, but I cannot hear anyone, they cannot hear me and the mic icon next to my name on the scoreboard has a line through it. I’ve got no idea what might be causing this.

My headset works as it is fine if I am in party chat.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

hey there. try going into your xbox account’s communication privacy settings. you should see a tab that will allow you to set “communicate with others through text or voice chat” to “allow”. if this does not fix it for you, you may need to look further into it.

Hi, thanks for your response!

I’ve checked these settings and it is allowed, I have also had in game chat working in Halo Infinite in the past also and I’ve not changed anything in my privacy settings.