Voice Chat not working on Console

As the title says, voice chat in game is not working at all for me. I’m on controller and Console. I’ve opened my mic and clicked all the needed settings.

It just stopped working out of the blue.

Any ideas or help

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Make certain your not in an Xbox live party. Ensure your headset or mic is correctly connected/has all current firmware or is otherwise plugged in.

I’ve made sure of both. It seems like I’m self muted somehow with no way to fix it.

I’ve noticed substantially less chatter in game too- it’s pretty odd, especially for Halo.

Are you able to test the headset or mic on a different device to make sure it fully works and doesn’t need replacing.

There has to be a way to fix it. Have you tried it in other games? Does the mic work in other games?

I have this same problem in Halo Infinite (other games no issue, hardware and settings are OK). Party chat works just fine, but game chat does not work. I have followed all guides and steps out there. Open mic, checked xbl account settings, even reinstalled the game…need a fix 343 plz

Make sure you are going to your Audio >> Communication settings and look at all the options available.

Same issue here. I can’t hear my teamates and they can’t hear me. I’m on an Xbox Seriex X.

This bug doesn’t seem to affect PC players. It used to work sometimes before this pointless hotfix, but now it hasn’t worked in days lol.

Have you checked your Audio settings? Because my communications were switched to Disabled when I first started playing Infinite. I had to actually go in and turn it to Open-mic.

yeah, open mic.

but in game, (I play ranked). I can only see my own speaker moving when I talk. Nobody else’s speakers are appearing next to their names

No speakers at all? or they are Crossed out microphones?

Only my my nameplate has speaker which moves when I talk.

but my teammates’ don’t even even have speakers, ever.

Sounds like a bug then. Even players without mics have a little “Dash through a Speaker” icon

it used to work 50% of the time, but after the hot fix, I also did a hard-console reset.

Now, it never works lol

Try submitting a ticket and hope for the best bro. Sorry I couldn’t help ya out

thanks for your replies. I’ll submit a ticket, but I can imagine they are slammed with so much stuff (e.g. BTB)

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