Voice ban on band new account???

It says one week ban…I just got this account a week ago barely talk mainly because not many other players are in game chat. When I do speak it is not any sort of bad language or trashy talking. Is this a bug or something? I don’t even have a rep yet? How can this be fixed on my account?

All kids have to do is file a complaint and choose abusive text or chat get enough and your banned, i just been banned for 2nd time for sending messages to kids that go huge neg im talking more than -20 and say stuff like…go play black ops, or try mario kart !!!. not offensive but get my point across, however they report them as absive and BANNED !!! no one talks or calls out anymore anyway so dont worry your not missing anything

Yea but I have not even sent emails or nothing like that…oh wait one I did and it was my friend asking if she wanted to play.