Voice and text chat no longer working

Hello all!

I haven’t been able to find any information on this particular issue. (searching for issues pertaining to MCC PC is difficult anyway) I was part of the insider flight four, which allowed you to finally remap your text and voice chat keys. I changed my voice chat to L-ALT and my text chat to “T”. That was all fine and good, and worked with no issues in the insider build. Now that the flight test is over I’ve switched back to the public build only to discover neither my voice chat or text chat keys work. I’ve tried resetting all of my key bindings back to default, as well as uninstalling the test flight build, and reinstalling the public build. Nothing seems to correct the issue. I can still see the chat in-game, and even chat if I press the little chat button in the bottom right of the screen when in-lobby. My key-binding just doesn’t seem to work anymore. What’s more my voice chat APPEARS to work using the new key-binding of L-ALT. I get the little transmitting icon on screen when I press it, however no one can seem to actually hear me. Admittedly this might be an issue with my mic since I normally use discord and not in-game voice chat. I know it was functioning before the test flight though. I’m not as concerned with the voice chat as I am the text chat. I attempted to post this in the test flight feed-back area, but it has apparently been closed since the test flight ended. attempting to follow the link in the email invitation I received just gives me an access denied message. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I’m running the steam version on the latest build of windows 10 pro of that matters.

I have exactly the same issue. No idea what to do.

Bump, I have the exact same issue with the Halo 4 flight.

Edit for additional info:
Both text chat and voice chat work fine for me in the Halo 4 flight but they don’t work in the main game. I’ve tried changing keybinds, checking xbox privacy settings, steam privacy and voice settings, in-game settings, and verifying game files. I know 343 is trying to rework text chat at some point, but this is such a frustrating issue and I really hope they come out with a hotfix for it soon.

Same here. I don’t use vc but I have the same thing with text chat after the H4 flight.

Same here, played a bit of the Halo 4 flight, uninstalled and now I can’t get the chat to work on the normal version of the MCC.

Is it too late to join this party lol. Voice chat bind does not work nor does my text chat bind. However one thing I noticed is in the main menu I can click on the chat bubble on the bottom right and it allows me to chat from there. So I am at least able to talk to people online, but not in game. All of this happened around either after Halo 4 flight or around Halo 4 launch.

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Happened to me when Halo 4 launched. Managed to fix it without reinstalling. Just close the game, delete or rename this file:

and then re-launch. You’ll have to re-bind a couple things like the text and voice chat keys, and be careful not to bind the text chat key to certain keys which will bug out and not work at all. Worth testing right after you bind it so you can find a suitable key. It won’t reset all of your everything, though - just a few interface-related keys if I’m correct. Sure as hell beats reinstalling a 125GB game lol

Apparently they changed some things in this file, like changing the line:
to these two lines, separated by input method:

So you’re welcome to tweak all of the stuff in this file if you want a very specific setup with specific keys (if you want a forbidden key you can try changing the binding above in this file which conflicts with the keybind you want to use elsewhere), but to be safe I’d just delete it and let the game create a new one with all the proper new default stuff in there. There’s more new stuff in there now than just the one change I listed above.