Voice actor Halo needs to introduce most...

So Halo has been blessed from day 1 with some absolutely excellent voice acting. Wanted to start a canvas of the community for excellent voice actors who haven’t been involved in the franchise yet but who would be excellent additions.

As an example: I’m a mahoosive fan of Maurice LaMarche:


Massive range: from megalomaniac Brains in Pinky and the Brains, through various excellent characters in Futurama, and he has video game experience from among others Crash Bandicoot.

Ryan Reynolds as a snarky Forerunner AI who has a fatalistic view of the universe.

What I mean is, he’s an AI on the fence between Cortana and her human-created AIs, and humans and their loyal AIs because he literally couldn’t care either way whether Cortana wins or loses. Idk why, but his voice seems perfect for that.