Voice Acting for the Brutes

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Okay so not sure if anyone has noticed, but the voice acting for the brutes is a -Yoinking!- joke. Here Microsoft/343i adds micro transactions to the game yet they can’t even add decent voice acting to the game? It sickens me. The brutes don’t even sound like -Yoinking!- brutes, it is so bad that it almost gives me cancer. Halo Wars 2 is suppose to be a step up from the first but in many ways it seems to be a step down. I feel like I am playing a 10 year old game with voice acting so terrible.

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In game miniature model brute voices bother you? If they sound bad in cutscenes then I’ll say something but why does in game brute voices bother u that much

Because of the fact that you have to listen to the voices more often then the cutscenes? Also seeing as the original Halo Wars had okay voices, then why did they have to step it down with some muppet making sound affects attempting to be a brute. It’s -Yoinking!- laughable.

Which is why you play as superior elites :wink:

HAHAHAHAHAH Holy -Yoink- seriously? This is hilarious…

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> HAHAHAHAHAH Holy -Yoink- seriously? This is hilarious…

Lel just have to laught because of that Hilarious (I love memes) now my morning isnt that bad thanks :smiley: