Vociferous, question about Sangheili rank & structure...

Up until Reach, there was a pretty clear deliniation between the Sangheili ranks, where you saw that the blue Elites were Minors, Red were Majors, Gold were Zealots, etc. While there oftentimes were variations in armor that accompanied the various ranks, such as the Honor Guard, Councilers, etc, it was still pretty clear cut, and was immediately recognizable visually.

Now, with Reach, it seems that the rank is a bit more tied in (visually) with the type of armor, such as the Zealots, Officers, Field Marshalls, and so on. Now, I’m all for having different armor to go along with each rank; I love that idea actually… but why the change away from the colors? In certain cases you have some of the same manifestations, such as the Blue Minors and White Ultras… But others have changed pretty drastically, like the Zealots.

Going forward, what should we expect the Sangheili structure to (literally) look like? And I don’t mean fiction timeline-forward, I mean forward as in future Halo IP, no matter when it is set. I am one that both loves additions to the fray, but also likes there to be a nice, clear structure to everything (it’s an interesting world in my head, I promise, lol).

Thanks for listening, and I am extremely excited for the future of the franchise…


BTW, I am obviously not talking specifically about specialized sections of the Elites, such as the various Ranger suits, or the SpecOps division…

Great questions about the Sangheili here, but I’m thinking that Bungie would be the right folks to ask with regard to Halo: Reach and their previous Halo titles.

Personally speaking, I would not be surprised in the least to find a wide range of differences in armor, even of the same class, within the Covenant military. When you look at Earth’s much smaller contemporary military (in real life), for example, and you pick a specific rank, you would not expect that every single person in that rank to be dressed and/or armored identically. From nation to nation, from division to division and even down to the individual’s personal choice, you’d find asymmetry in their armor choices and types. So to see this sort of thing in a military force which is substantially larger, like the Covenant, this isn’t unsurprising to me.

As for the future of the franchise, you’ll just to wait and see. :slight_smile:

The colours are still there. You meantioned yourself that they keep colour designations, and that’s true of all the ranks. The most common Zealots in Halo: Reach are the “Generals” and they keep their gold colouration (except on Easy, where they are white, which brings up some odd implications). Nothing has changed, since we knew that some Zealot ship commanders wore purple since the creation of the Halo Graphic novel; now they actually wear purple in the game. Everything is the same: Minors are blue, Officers (Majors) are Red, Ultras are White, Specops are Black, and Zealots are Gold/Purple.