Vocals for Halo 6

I have yet to see vocal music for a Halo game. And I can understand why. But if they do kill off Master Chief in Halo 6, I think we should have one or two vocal songs supported by orchestra music to truly elevate the feelings that we will have. There are three possibilities.

First - Malukah’s song Frozen Sleep. If you have not heard this, listen to it now.
Second - Random talented female artist. Preferably not someone who is more happy and giddy whenever they sing. And the story behind that song can be that it was sung from the singer in Cleveland, Ohio when the Covenant attacked in 2552. Remember, in Halo: Uprising? How she felt for Ackerson’s brother and what he did could be similar to what John-117 does.
Third - Jen Taylor sings something. This would be perfect for the credits as well. Especially if we play some clips from every visual addition we’ve had from Halo’s arrival in 2001 up until now. Like a cutscene from each game, trailer, DVD, etc. Something to show the end of the Reclaimed saga with a huge thank you to all of us for sticking with 343 Industries and Bungie, Inc. for all that they made.

So what do you think?


What a shame. It seems a thread is only noticed if you complain about multiplayer.