VK78 Commando: Unclear Purpose on Well Tread Ground

While I enjoy the design and handling, I am ultimately confused by its inclusion and unsure what role it wants to fill.

It is both a marksman weapon and an assault rifle while not performing either well. Automatic fire seems difficult to control with the recoil, and ranged bursts are hard to pull off with what feels to be a short zoom. Within the boundaries of Infinite’s kinetic weaponry, I feel like it doesn’t deserve the slot next to the AR, BR, or even the magnum. While having the variety to perform in different ways is more than welcome, it should be able to do so adequately in most applications.

Part of this issue is the notion that it is not only competing for use within the game but also the legacy of games prior. Most obviously, the DMR, which was heavier hitting and better at aiming at range. Yet the shorter zoom and automatic fire also add the feeling of either the SAW or SMG, faster firing weaponry meant for weaker targets. Firing at range also calls for single or two-shot burst fire, which follows the pattern used by Halo 4’s light rifle zoomed mode. The Commando currently matches up with none of these weapons.

One of the attractive features in Halo is the overall structure given to the performance of each weapon and damage type. It is difficult to enjoy the presence of the Commando while lacking the classical firearms it evokes and having the option to use more suitable armaments.

Swapping it to the default weapon slot (To add emphasis to the AR and BR) or increasing the usefulness at range (Giving it a zoom somewhere between the BR and Sniper rifle) should help give the weapon a more clear role within the game by either drawing it closer in line with the older DMR or as a designated weapon swap that is still adequately serviceable if need be.

A slightly more ambitious change would be to have the weapon fire shredder ammunition, represented in game by a weak amount of splash damage to very close targets or near misses. This would give a unique trait to the Commando among its kinetic kin and also help validate the use of automatic fire with such a small magazine size. (one balance feature could be to remove the splash if the shot is landed directly on a shielded opponent)

While I don’t yet feel the place for the Commando in a Halo title, I would certainly enjoy seeing it given a functional part to play all on its own and any one of the above changes could help give it that chance to breath.


Cheaters seem to love it man what are you talking about. I guess you haven’t been full auto commando yet just wait for it it’s coming.

Commando got a serious nerf after the two tech previews and it’s sucks. In the preview, the commando was a great gun if you were pretty skilled with it. The only thing that was off about it was the insane recoil it had when scoped in but not when you hip fired.

It feels very weird being in the same game as the BR. Commando has recoil/bloom, and very little magnetism on headshots. BR is just point and shoot somewhere near the head to kill. Maybe the original idea was to add more skill based precision weapon to Halo. But at the moment it’s too much effort for too little pay off. Unless your a cheater with anti-recoil or something.

It’s still satisfying to hear “perfect” while shooting. There are Situation where this gun is Gold but WHERE IS MY DMR. DMR > commando

The Commando is good at some things but perfect at nothing, largely thanks to a slower TTK and outrageous amounts of bloom.

343i was planned to make weapons upgradeable in the campaign I get the feeling the commander was a product of that upgrade system before they scrapped it. It seem to be the middle ground of a dmr/saw and even the shape/design/look of it looks like those too.

It’s weird, it’s the only of the new guns that I was actually excited about from trailers, but with the ridiculous recoil I’ve found it absolutely useless. Hip fire, sure, but you’re better off with an AR and the ability to aim.

A little frustrating when it pushed out my favorite basic human weapon, the DMR.

Yeah, the DMR is one of my favorites. I’m hoping it gets added to the game soon.

The commando is basically useless, because it’s too weak to kill at range. It’s easier to miss a small target and you need to land a big portion of your clip to kill. At close range an AR or pistol will always be better and easier to score with. I usually just keep it hanging on the wall. I wonder if 343 collects data on how much a weapon is used sucessfully. I hardly imagine anyone really loving the commando.

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I disagree - I didn’t like that in H4 we had BR, DMR, and Lightrifle all filling very similar roles. I really like that the command has full auto capability, but also range when you want it. I find it to be really successful, mainly thanks to how quickly it takes shields out at range, sometimes switching to sidekick or even AR for the kill because of the smallish magazine.

Medium range weapons were fairly saturated in Halo 4. Overall, I don’t think that the straight BR and DMR should share space in a title. The light rifle was interesting for having the split fire modes that mimicked both weapons and being the hardlight, but definitely weird while having the other weapons around.

Adding the shredder rounds could help differentiate the firearms. The Commando/DMR being better at engaging groups while the BR hits single targets harder.