Visualizing the Halo Universe HBO Art Contest

Calling all artists!
If you have any desire to enter into a semi-regular Halo-themed art contest (and win great swag provided by BS Angel and myself), then head on over to the HBO forums at the link below. The first week will officially kick off at the end of this weekend!

I’m sorry to advertise for something that isn’t being run on the Waypoint forums, but I want to maintain a central location from which all contestants can see their competition without having to jump sites, and HBO makes it easiest for all those involved. Just wanted to give everyone here a chance to participate as well. :slight_smile:

This is going to be lots of fun! The first contest will run for a week (as detailed in the rules explained at the link above) and I hope to see a lot of your artwork over there sometime next week! :slight_smile:


Visualizing the Halo Universe: Week 1 is now live!

Head on over to Visualizing the Halo Universe: Week 1 and submit artwork for your chance to win!