Visors should work cross-core ASAP

Armor attachments are probably not copy paste between cores (maybe I’m wrong here). And armor coatings are in a weird spot because some coatings have been sold for 3 different cores. Like this weeks Wet Crow and the Iron Man coatings. And it is maybe not 100% copy paste from core to core.

But with visors. I don’t see ANY objection in why visors shouldn’t work cross-core as soon as possible:

  1. There are no duplicate visors for different bundles.
  2. It is 100% copy paste between armor cores.

I hope in the future armor coatings, armor attachments and visors all work cross-core. But for the near future I feel visors can be implemented very easy.

And it can be just a small token of good will from 343 to the community. With all things being delayed and such. And I also feel it increases the value of visors within the game. I have seen awesome looking visors for sale, but because they were for an armor core I never play with I didn’t buy them.



I don’t know if they will ever implement cross armour, 2 reasons too much money to be made and I don’t know if they actually can do it( can is a strong word we can do anything these days it’s just a matter of how much work goes into doing it).

This said I believe at least most things needs to be cross core, some things should be “unique” to each core.

I doubt they’ll ever implement cross-core customization because selling the same item between multiple cores makes them more money than one universal purchace

customization in Infinite exists as a platform to monetize, not to be creative, it’s disappointing to see.

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They can do crosscore. Cadet coatings, HCS coatings, emblems, armor fxs. These work crosscore. The Waypoint glitch and bots prove the game knows how to handle crosscore. At best there is code to enable it already (I suspect so due to items that already are crosscore). At worst they’d have to make duplicate items and list the same item multiple times for different cores (hopefully with shared resources). It’s definitely possible. They can do it. The question is will they.


We don’t actually know that. And the fact the store is being looked into in multiple regards tells me they aren’t making as much as they hoped. I know some people see items being core locked as a deterant. I don’t have numbers or anything, but like I said, if the store was going as planned they wouldn’t be looking into it.


At the very least, gloves, wrists, knees, visors, helmets, coatings. These should all be crosscore as they are all pretty universal (knees the least but I think they can work around it)
Ideally, all of it would be crosscore (with some of the items not being able to)

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Well, like I said, I feel visors becoming cross core can only make 343 more money than they do now. The example I gave about really liking certain visors, but not buying it because it was for the wrong core.

I think a lot of people will feel that way.


I saw multiple visors I wanted to buy, but I didn’t because they were for the wrong core. I think I’m not the only one. So 343 can probably make more money when making more items cross core. At the very least visors.


Oh absolutely I am one of those ppl.
I have never in 25 years of gaming spent money on a single item( microtransaction based), I have bought battlepasses sure ( for apex legends) but would/haven’t spent money directly on cosmetic item simply based on the personal view that they are ridiculously price ( this is not limited to halo just be clear).

This said if they had a cost of say 1/2/3$ even I would say I would have bough a few throughout time.

Call me old but they day I bought my first dlc ( which was actually a map pack for halo) I realized the future of pricing in game was going to be tuff at best… Today I can say I was not wrong ( unfortunately)…

Just to be clear my issue is not that there are microtransactions, dlc or anything of the sort, ppl do with their money wtv they fee like it’s the pricing the makes me smh, The truth is currently customers pay for it regardless of price and so as a business VG companies make them expensive, 100% understandable.

TLDR, If Microtransactions where “cheap” there would probably be more interestrd buyers, Microtransactions are way too expensive for what they are, ppl buy them companies making them pricier.

Visors and Colors…

Cross Core Armor?

NO, Leave the Different Generations of armor separate from each other.

As if it is realistic now. Yoroi armor doesn’t even exists in the Halo universe.

Look, all the armor is running the Gen 3 undersuit. The MK V and MK VII may be different generations but their internal tech isn’t. You can read about this in the Inside Infinite articles. There is no reason helmets and gloves wouldn’t work crosscore. With shoulders being designed to slide on MK VII I can understand if they wouldn’t work crosscore in lore. With kneepads being built into the boots I understand them being core locked as well. Chest armor, I would say it’s depend on the piece. Why couldn’t you strap a walkie talkie on MK VII? Why couldn’t you strap a grenade belt on MK V? Why couldn’t you put a flower on whatever you please? Also, the leg attachments are mostly just stuff like pouches, which should definitely work crosscore. And gloves don’t come into contact with any of the armor, only the tech suit, which is all gen 3. So they should work in Canon.

Now from a clipping/floating perspective I can understand making all chest armor core locked (even though a lot works without issue). But for the most part MK V/MK VII are pretty similar. I don’t see why helmets, gloves, and leg attachments wouldn’t work on both. And wrist attachments if they fit.

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