visor color

not sure if this is the right place, as this is my first post

with that said, i was curious, since bungie no longer owns this universe, if i could maybe get a good enough following for more visor colors, specifically red.

You might have been better off posting this in the General Discussion Forum.

I would love a variety of visor colors. I think what we have now is cool, but I’d want more

Hopefully a few different Visor colors will be released as well as more pieces of Armor. The Armory was made with more content to be added in mind. They built H3 without thinking about adding new Armor. Reach was setup to allow it with the Armory.

Remember, As Frankie said… “There will be Sprinkles.”

i appreciate not blasting me for the wrong forum subsection. but yes, i noticed the possibility, and since 343 now owns this, and theyve done such a job so far, that it would be best to go to the top for a simple request such as this. i think it would be simple as to use Jorge’s visor. i would also like to add that it may be worthwhile to add a tertiary color like we had in h3.