Visible Ranking System..

I used to play anything titled Halo, from the day of release, to the release of the next title. It was enjoyable to play a game that everyone you knew would play, and had a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. Back in the prime, of Halo 2 & 3, the ranking system seemed perfect (other then people modding), but ultimately everyone had soemthing to do when they logged on. With the release of Halo 3 the options of playlists opened up even more, from ranking to social playlists. The problem though is with the release of Halo: Reach, and Halo 4, there is no incentive to keep gamers coming back for more.

The reason that these games cannot keep a steady base of players is for multitudes of reasons, but the main reason is there is simply no competitive aspect to keep gamers challenged. In the past, Halo games brought a sense of challenge when playing against one another, it brought a matchmaking system to the table that no other game had used before. It had a perfect system in which players who earned their stripes would rank up, and those who did not would rank down. It brought a visible ranking system in which would show progression, as well as recognize the strong players in a lobby. With this, it did not only show the true skill, but also showed players who played alot. An example would be, my buddy was not a skillful player but was able to get to the rank of around 40, and though I cannot remember his rank he had a gold bar under his rank indicating he had played alot, but could not break the next rank to level up. He was not frustrated by this, but embraced that he played alot and enjoyed the game, and it kept him coming back day in and day out to try and progress himself into a higher rank. This could be something that would throw Halo’s matchmaking system back on top. That bit of something that would bring players back each day trying to best one another.

This is something that Halo 5 could use to its advantage. I have been playing halo for the passed 10 years, and frankly, lost interest in Halo: Reach & Halo 4 because there was no incentive to keep me coming back. I feel that with a competitive ranking system (that of something 1-50 or whatever) would bring back players and keep them coming back. Making us have to check an App or something online is not what I am suggesting either, as most gamers do not want to go through the hassle to tell someone to check my rank, or personally keep checking it after each game. They want the instant gratification that a high rank would bring, as well as a competitive ranking system to match up against other skilled players battling for a top ranked spot. Personally the 1-50 ranking system worked great for the 5 years it was used between both games, and the popularity loss Halo suffered after these games I feel was due to the loss of the competitive aspect of the game. All in all, the competitive ranking system was something Halo had doen correctly, and was a huge success with its community. I know that I will play Halo 5 as well as the masses, but hopefully there will be a competitive ranking system to keep me and many of my friends coming back to this game each day!

Now lets hear from you guys! What do you guys think about this issue, whether you love it or hate it, lets get some feedback on what you guys would like to see on this topic in the upcoming Halo game!


Lol so many of these threads.

Yes, a visible ranking system very similar to 3’s as well as one like Reach for unlocking stuff.

Everybody wins.

> Lol so many of these threads.
> Yes, a visible ranking system very similar to 3’s as well as one like Reach for unlocking stuff.
> Everybody wins.

Specifically like Halo 3’s. Experience gained by wins and the actual ranks themselves based on skill level. That was perfect.

But it’ll never return. Players shouldn’t be rewarded for losing games, but people like to be rewarded so the experience for just playing system is here to stay.

Getting SR-130 in this game is less than meaningless. Getting General grade 4 (H3 not Reach)? Now THAT feels good.

No wrong direction OP. Visible ranking was a huge problem in old halos.

We don’t want people seeing others ranks. I don’t want everyone on my team quitting when a few lvl 50’s show up. Its lame. It fosters ill will between players too - “OH you don’t have your 50! Your soooo bad!” Its much better for a number of reasons that it simply remains hidden.

Being hidden allow ranks to do what they are intended to do just fine, match you better games, without all the baggage.

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