VIP Recreation

For me it would probably be more specifically one-sided V.I.P. My question is, if there any way to “recreate” the one sided V.I.P gametype that was used in halo 3 in Halo Reach using another gametype, such as or team slayer or even one of the insane gametypes. I recently made a map that is basically a recreation of the end of the Halo 2 level “Regret,” where you have to kill the Prophet of Regret. In my gametype, one team would be the attacking team, and the other team would be defending the “V.I.P” of their team, who would be the Prophet. I would give him a lot of shields and a fuel rod gun or a focus rifle with the damage modifier set higher. If that dosen’t work, I would probably just modify the juggernaut to be the vip without anyone defending him.

Sounds interesting, defiantly. I’d play it.

Play around in Forge - that’s what it’s there for. :slight_smile: