The gametype VIP featured in Halo 3, was a great gametype who would be open to see this return as potentially a dlc-exclusive… somewhat like Ricochet? The gametype pits player against one another who have a “VIP” which alters the game… if they die the team looses. The game can feature multiple VIPs or just one, making game mode into a assassins v defenders situation… This could also be an added variant to say Flood or Invasion?

I’d like vip one sided. Each team has one life with one defending the vip and the other team attacking the vip

Well… I don’t the idea of it being DLC, but…
I’d love to see it’s return. Preferably coming with the game at launch.

The reason I stated it as DLC is because it most likely won’t be in the shipped game… For DLC I would only pay more money for new gametypes, an extra side-story campaigns, new forge-able objects, weapon and armor skins or pieces, firefight addition, live-action film… rather than lamence maps that don’t add considerably anything new to gameplay.

Why pay for gamemodes? Paying 20 bucks for a gametype which wasn’t that very popular, or any gametype for that matter, is just a blow to the gutter. DLC overall is just hedious, especially if it’s planned.

If you have content, but don’t put it in because you’d rather sell it for even MORE money, then you’re an a-hole.

VIP should come back, yes. But not as a DLC. It’d just come back either on launch or later, but for free. It’s a damn gametype!

As for maps, then it’d be understandable because those are alot more time consuming and require more coding/work but if you have the maps done when the game launches but wait till their release date then just…stop. Stop abusing the community.

VIP was fun, but not as popular as Invasion.

I don’t like DLC that costs because. I already spent 60 dollars on a game.But i would like to see VIP return

To be honest I’d like to see all game modes return to offer maximum choice, even though its not really effective especially as the population starts to decline after launch with new releases. But they could do like what they will eventually do effectively if MCC is fixed, cycle playlists. But I really really want invasion (even though its confirmed not to be in the game) and dominion to return.

I really want Headhunter/Team Headhunter and Stockpile to return. Personally i’d like to see Halo 5 have every game type Halo has ever offered, or at least give us enough options to create them.

VIP would be cool to have again, but the game would need to be changed pretty heavily. It would need to account for dumb VIP’s. I can’t tell you how many times I watched our VIP hop on a goose and drive into the enemy base on Valhalla. Also, it would be cool if there were soft kill zones for VIPs so that they couldn’t camp. Or a tie-in to the shield where their shield would start to decay if they hadn’t moved 10 meters within a minute or something.

Also, I don’t agree with the idea of it being DLC. I don’t think you’re going to get much support in regards to it being DLC, noone likes paying money for extras.

why would it be dlc?

In all honesty, I’d rather see it from the beginning but this thread is a “if it isn’t in Halo 5, would you want them to create a dlc update with it in…”

assault please