We Are Vindicate
This company’s current goals are to gather skilled players from the community that love playing with other people and pushing for higher ranks. Our other goal is to achieve the Achilles armor for those that do not have it.
Current requirements:
All new members Must be level 75+
All new members Must have a overal kd (not kda) of .9
All new members Must have a all time best rank above diamond 3
All members are expected to follow the two weeks rule(ex. If you haven’t been on in two weeks…sayonara)
All members are expected to join Vindicate’s official discord
All members are expected to be respectful and friendly to fellow company members.
All members Must adhere to all of the above guidelines!
Visit our Page: Vindicate to learn more, Include your highest rank, current kd, and level in your request to join message. Upon acceptance you will be directly sent the link to the companies discord server.