Vikings current snipers are a problem.

I love Viking it is such a great map remake. But its current sniper setup needs to be changed.

I’m not saying that they should be removed, Viking is perfect for the sniper. However they are far to powerful in their current state.

currently they spawn with to much ammo and to frequently that it makes for a very lopsided match when the other team can’t even spawn without being sniped.
So I’m order to make matches fairer and more balanced I suggest that the sniper (A). Have its spawning ammo pool reduced as to allow both teams breathing room and promote other tactical avenues while waiting for the sniper to spawn again. And/or (B) increase its spawn to encourage the options suggested above. These changes should hopefully lead to players being more conservative about using the sniper in favor of saving it for when it will do the most good for the team.

the sniper Belongs In Viking. But its current spawn mechanic leads to more frustration and anger then it should be, in my opinion.

also will also like to suggest removing a couple of the H2 BRs in favor of adding a heavy ground vehicle such as the Scorpion or Mantis to help both teams gain ground

I absolutely loved using the Mantis on ragnarok, and it will make for a good counter against the Banshee.

anyway that is my feedback. I actually absolutely LOVE the new maps that have been added. Keep up the good work 343, and the forgers who made these awesome maps.

You realize it’s the same setup from the halo 3 map vallhalla?

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> You realize it’s the same setup from the halo 3 map vallhalla?

the same setup but the sniper spawns with more ammo on Viking. And it seems to spawn faster as well.