Vigilant Addiction Seeking Leaders & Members

Vigilant Addiction is making a major shift in organization and looking for Halo Chapter Leaders and Members. Leaders will already have a fully working website, forum, and TS3 server available.



Vigilant Addiction

Established back in 1999; VA is a Mature Open-Gaming Community where we don’t define maturity by age, but by behaviour. Respecting your fellow Gamer, and Sportsmanship are what we live by. We’re a family where female gamers are respected. We have a lot of Military Veterans from all over the globe and those also currently deployed. We’re casual by nature, but allow you to be as hardcore as you wish.

We welcome our members to play whatever games they wish; where they have complete control through voting and discussion in their various Game Chapters. Maybe this month you’re playing Halo 5, and next month you’re playing Fallout 4. You won’t get removed from the community for playing a different game; even if you never come back to the original game you signed up to join VA with. These days, games are flying off the production line and “Game Hopping” is become more the norm. We’re building an Open Community around that situation, where you can be as focused, or as cat-like, as you wish.

No daunting applications, or interviews. Hit the website, register for the forum (if you wish), jump on TS3 (if you care to), or just ask for an invite in-game from someone; it’s easy!