Viewable Ranking/ Progression system

I feel like there should be a publicly viewable rank similar to Reach. Not having a public rank will just make everyone wear the same armor so they can display their progress of the battle pass.

Even if it was making the battle pass level viewable next to your name I’d be fine with that.

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Yeah, in addition to that it’s weird that we went from Halo 5’s poorly implemented pre-game lobby to no pre-game lobby at all, it was pretty cool back in the day to look at other players before a game started, checkin’ out armor & player rank.


indeed, that was amazing …
seeing the other team had 3 50’s, checking out their armor and file share … good times.

please bring back pre game lobby 343!


I enjoyed bringing out to Field Marshall back in Reach! It’d at least showed who was new and who had a lot of time played.