View others (and your) file share during Pre-Game? (TU)

With the Title Update scheduled for November, do you think that they can address the problem about file viewing in Reach? You don’t see cool screenshots like you did in Halo 3. Why is that? While you waited for everyone to load the map, you would look at their file share and download their files. It didn’t have to be their own, just ones they liked. The exposure was better in Halo 3 because they got viewed by other players more then in Reach. Reach has proven to have decent screenshots, so why not be able to let other people see your creations easier?

They don’t want people to miss the map vote. It (the lack of file viewing pre-game) is an acceptable trade-off, in my opinion.

most people miss it anyway it wouldnt matter

They definately need to fix this because im running low on good maps and screenshots.Also, the most downoaded maps suck.

Yea, I noticed that problem too. It probably has to due with the voting, but that really should be your choice anyway. If you miss a vote and get a map you don’t like, it’s your fault, isn’t it?