View of the forum members

If seen a lot of raging and more if you don’t like it, go away being bandied about since the GI leak.

Its difficult to sift through the rage and trolls to see the majority opinion so can’t we put it to a poll?

Are you happy with the direction h4 is taking (based on the information released by 343 and the GI leak) ?

Surely a poll is the best way for 343 to gauge opinion? I would have thought everyone on the forum would contribute by voting. As P.Diddy nice said, vote or die.

Well this poll quickly died a death - I thought new votes would bump the thread. Will be an effort to keep this front page without some sort of discussion so… HAYABUSA haz to be in halo 4 with recon and flamez nao!

Bumping the -Yoink- out of this until people vote.