View medals?

Does anyone know a way to view the medals you’ve earned? I’m just curious if it’s at all possible.

Go to your game history on waypoint and find the match there. 343 decided that post game stats were not important enough to release yet.
Profile>Service record (halo 5)> Game history (of either warzone or arena) then find the match there> view game details> find your name> click the plus

You have to look at your game history and scroll to your name.

I want an explanation from 343.

Why would they remove it though? It just seems so odd to take it out. I mean the stats and medals are still tracked and kept on record, why not let us see them?

Go back to the Halo 5 Beta and you should see them!

Hope that solves your problem

/Sarcasmbut on a serious note this game has very nonexistent player carnage report.

Preface: I agree they should just have the medals in the post game stats.

However, I just downloaded the Halo carnage app. Someone on reddit made it, it updates almost instantly after your game ends and shows kill stats, medals, mvp, etc…