View Challenges Mid Game

Hey my halo peeps, I’m brand new around here and have a suggestion for Halo Infinite that I was instructed to post here so Dev’s could see it. It’s minor but would be a huge QOL improvement.

Simply put, I’d like to suggest the addition of viewing currently active challenges, mid game. I have a TERRIBLE memory and being able to see what my challenges are mid game would be SO helpful. I only saw one other post about this from December and nothing since then. It’s something small, that would be hugely helpful to people like me, who have a hard time remembering.

Since I’m brand new, if this is in the wrong place or is already being developed, please let me know. Also, if you have any constructive criticism, please feel free to make those known as well.

TLDR; Please add the ability to view challenges mid game.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think this will be added tomorrow, with the Season 2 update. It will list your active challenges, but not update progress until match is over. The ability to show progress during the match, will come later.


fingers crossed, I’d be ecstatic

Agree, you should look at my post and do the poll. This is one of things i go over. I am hoping to keep it this post going and hopefully 343 will see and do something.


I agree only if they change the way challenges work.

Currently you’re locked to the four (or less) challenges you have before the game starts. If you complete one, any in the queue don’t take their place so it would be sort of pointless, in a way I guess.

It’s a good idea generally. but the current system is so flawed it’d make little difference.


Someone mentioned that progress towards challenges doesn’t update until the game finishes. My suggestion is based on the idea that the 4 currently active challenges would just be viewable mid game, and not completable until the game ends, where they are then viewable in lobby to see any NEW challenges.

Makes more sense in my head, reading that out loud is mildly confusing. I hope it makes sense.

That’s a really good suggestion. I often use my phone for that

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i know waypoint just had an open beta for the mobile app, but it ended. what do you use to check challenges on your phone?

In the app you select games then select Halo Infinite then select companion. Select progression. There will be two dots under the challenge. The first dot(left one) is the daily which should be the default when selecting progression. The second dot(right) will show the weekly.

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I’ll check that out. thank you!

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I mostly agree with your post. Personally I think that your idea should be at “B” priority, that is until we get MCC level challenges.

Not saying that it wouldn’t be a QOL improvement. I feel that things like having three or so presets per armor cores we can switch to in the lobby, or being able to view your server’s region/ping on console would be “A” tier.

I would like to see your idea, though!

Welcome Back to the forums!

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I totally agree, customization, shop, and desync all take priority as they can be considered, “game breaking”. My suggestion is just a little QOL change. I dont mind waiting until bigger changes are made, just think it’d be helpful for people like me with memory issues.

If you have a challenge to get ‘X kills with Y weapon’ does your progression count if you leave a match?

I always assumed it didn’t.

If you get any kills with Y weapon, then leave the match prior to completion, no progress will count. Only upon finishing the game does any progress made actually track.

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Really wished it was like mcc where it shows on screen when you progress a challenge, even more so if it played the birthday party sound when you completed a challenge.


That would be cool, an audio cue to let you know when a challenge was finished. Doesn’t MCC have the option to pin a challenge making it visible in HUD during gameplay? THAT could be a good idea.

It would be pretty nice cause I always forget my challenges

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even cod has this feature why doesn’t halo

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More than enough space on the start/esc menu to put challenge w/ progress as well as a friends list interface.

Been calling for this since November. I fully support the idea.

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Ya that’s an issue I’ve dealt with, wanting to see challenges during a match, you can’t even mute a player who has a mic that is making weird sounds, the back button option itself is so limited

What they can do is half the screen player where you can interact with their name plate aka mute option and the other half challenges slightly transparent, but we all know the risks of looking at the roaster in the middle of the game and that’s a risk most players are willing to take

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