vidmaster help needed

i need help with endure, deja vu and annual. add me and message me saying that you would like to help/ want to get the achievement. i currently need 3 people (because all of my friend don’t play halo any more and they won’t again until halo 4)

hit me up I’ll be on tommorow

when are you planing to do it ?

I can help.

pm me when you want to do it

Add me iStringy.I’ll be able to help out tomorrow.

I’m also missing Vidmaster: Endure and attempted it numerous times when ODST came out.

I would be willing to help with any achievement(s) in turn.

Anyone send me a friend request with endure as the title. And please only people who are serious. I’ve got requests before from people who never wanted to do it when on.

Oh, and I have a mic and use it. I’m usually on after 9:00pm EST and can play till late.

I’m surprised to see that there are still people trying to get these vidmaster achievements, I’m up for trying to get Endure and Deja vu with anyone that wants to try it. Message me, I’m online often

add me as a friend and ill play whenever

Have you checked out the
Spartan 1 Project
Annual ~20mins
Deja Vu ~30mins
Endure ~120mins

i can help u out


i still need these too so u can message me if u need another player

i also need both of them, if anyone needs an extra person message me gt: Gorskiboy

I’m up for that I’ve ordered the game but need to wait a week or two for it to arrive

I’ll be able to help out cause i also need to do Annual, Endure and Déjà Vu.
Message me or send a friends request, GT - TheMAOlegend
Been at least a year since i played halo so might be a bit rusty but ill help anyone out with other achievements as well like the multiplayer or others, mic makes weird sounds rarely and im from australia so internet connection is not perfect but not bad either

Due to lack of -Yoink!- ODST matchmaking I still need Endure & Deja Vu, I’ve 3-4 people needing at least one or the other as well but they never all seem to be online at the same time.

Anyhow if anyone’s making a run add me please GT: PureNomad can’t see any problem as I managed to solo the 200k Firefight ones without any hassle.

if you guys are up, or still want to help out a fellow gamer with the vidmaster achievements hit me up. and if not its cool. gt: jemihami, thanks

help me! please ive tried like 400 times but no luck gt: jemihami

Check out the Spartan 1 Project