VidMaster Endure Help!

Im Trying to get the vidmaster Endure and I need help and if you could that would be great. So if you want to help leave your GT below and i will invite you. My GT is OceanicOctopus.

yea ill help my GT: I ValKyR1e I

ill be on in about 10 minutes

also i dont have a mic, its broken :confused: but i know what im doing dont worry check my service record on reach if you need proof

ITZ BERS3RK these r so fun, but hopefully theres no laggggg lol

hey guys i just did this and i laged out lol cuz of some kids bad connection and there was only one good guy with me so i will invite both of you 2mrrow so i will add u guys k

I would help if it wasn’t for my terrible histroy with acheivment because my first attempt I was half way through and someone left, second time I had 4 seconds left in the bonus round till I got the achievment and me and my friend disconnected from the game and when I checked my match histroy on the game wasn’t there but then I checked the match history of the guys who we were doing it with and it was in his and there were two other people’s gamertags instead of mine and my friends and they all got the achievment instead of us and I even checked the time and it matched up to when we were playing. So that was pretty fishy.

GT: Calvin Ch3n9

Just shoot me an invite anytime and we can tackle the achievement as I do not have it as well.

Send me a message if you still need help GT: siggibiggy