Vidmaster: Endure / Firefight Achievements

Hi everyone,

Been wanting to play some ODST for a while and have a friend who I want to help get Endure - does anyone else need / want to play for achievements or fun?

Looking to play Friday - Gamertag is Concord Dawn

Hope to see some of you online

Need this as well. Gamertag Samb0x

I also need all of the firefight achievements. so id be happy to help. mssg my gamertag

Just seen your replies - will follow this up later tonight


Me and My wife are still looking for this achievement to complete the game… we need 2 more for complete team. Please help… we are available most days and will make a schedule to complete. We are Easy Coast based.

Gamertag: NJ Recon

Hey, i need that too, including Deja Vu.

I could use it too, just for the vidmaster though, dont think id have the time for the score achievements.

GT: SquareRigged, count me in when possible!