Vidmaster Challenges in Halo 4

I’ve been wanting to post this since I found out that Recon was making a return, but i could not be happier that they have brought it back. Many other good helmets have been announced, but Recon is my choice helmet. (and ODST of course)

Ever since I completed all the Vidmasters in H3 to earn my Recon, I have been obsessed. The Vidmaster challenges made the helmet special for me, I got better at the game and made a lot of friends along the way.

I hope to see more Vidmaster Challenges in association with a Recon variant, or any armor for that matter!

I would want them to make new Vidmasters IF the co-op is better. Or netcode…Whatever the hell it’s called. As long as co-op is not laggy…

I mean, it’s fun and all. But getting clawed in the face by an Infected Elite on the last level of Halo 3 is NOT COOL when he is 30 feet away.

They should make more solo Vidmasters, too.

Im sure 343i is planning on a few cool new ways to play campaign and maybe bring back a few older goodies 2

Only time will tell .

Vidmasters were more of a Bungie thing, it was a reference to Marathon’s original Vidmaster.

I’d like to see some tough Campaign challenges return similar to Annual.

I want annual achievement, please :slight_smile:

Vidmasters were a lot of fun.hope they bring something like that into halo 4.

Only if they’re achievable solo aswell.