Vidmaster challenge: Annual no longer works after sunset

A few mates and I decided to try vidmaster annual on the original 360 version of h3 since 2 of us in the party do not have it.
After an hour of trial and error we finally finished and got nothing.
I don’t know about other vidmasters but this one does not work after sunset. Which makes no sense since Coop works through Xbox LIVE and achievements do too.
If you wanna try for yourself do it, I might have done this completely wrong.
But be smart and do it on MCC.

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Were you on original 360

The game disconnects players as soon as the flood dispersal pods show up on that mission for me. I can’t even complete it to verify if vidmaster no longer works.

Yeah i tried it twice with different people. The first time was before the servers shut down, and I had the same problems you had, the game booted us before we could reach the first floor of the pyramid.
The second time however, (with different people, after the servers shut down) it didn’t boot us, but we basically did all that for nothing

Yeah I just did it and we didn’t get the achievement. Also to avoid the flood desync you need everyone on the same type of console. Oh and split screen is buggy as hell on series X. Hopefully someone figures out a way to get this.