Video settings keep resetting

Hi there!

I installed the game yesterday and except for the connectivity issue everyone has been plagued by it has been running pretty smootly for me at least in the campaign that I care about most. The only annoying technical problem I keep experiencing is that every time I launch the game my video settings keep resetting to the default the game detected on the first launch. In my case it defaulted to ultra at 1080p with vsync off but I prefer to play with 200% resolution scaling and vsync at 1 - unfortunatelly after quitting the game and restarting those two settings keep resetting. I tried resetting the game in windows apps&features tab in control panel, reinstalling the game etc. but to no avail. Maybe someone knowledgeable at this forum knows how to remedy my problem.

Take care!

The same thing with my game . I tried everything ,so I guess we’ll just need to wait for an update

I’ve finally found a solution !!! I 've just renaimed my user folder to English language and …that’s all!