Video Game Name Generator

What have you gotten?

A guy managed to get this…thought it was pretty funny

“My Little Pony Starring Mickey Mouse”
“Scottish Bong Zombies”
“Master Chief’s Donkey in the Salad Kingdom”
I would buy that Halo game. It must be the best game ever.

Lovin this.
Lovin it.

Silent Manlove Disaster

Erotic Buddhist Conspiracy

Dracula’s Nuclear In The Sky <I actually like that one for an album name.

True Crime: Makeout Family

Prehistoric Dance Express

Morbid Fishing Derby

Jewish Kung-Fu Gone Wild


Super -Yoink!- Police Summit

“Fisher Price Baseball Dungeon”… lol

I already love it.

“Unpleasant Punching in the Magic Kingdom”. I love this thing. :smiley:

“Unholy Breakdancing 25th Anniversary Edition” - I don’t even…
“Master Chief’s City Horror” - Seems like DR meets Halo.
“Galactic Afro - Limited Edition” - I lost it at this one…
“The Care Bears’ Lego III” - Okay, I’m done…

Nice find OP, I know how to waste some time now!

“Monty Python’s Breakdancing Preacher”
“Helicopter Pirate on the High Seas”
“Chinese City Simulator”
“Frankenstein’s Spelling Apocalypse”
“Jedi Zamboni Fest”
“Mega Man’s Transvestite Family”

Now these are games I definitely want to try. XD

“Master Chief’s Elevator III”

343, make this game. XD

“Interactive Gimp in Crazyland.”

Sounds strangely like Game of Thrones.

EDIT: “Fruity Football in Busty Town.” … Well then.

I got “Hindu Moon Bandit”

Laughs were had.

Tiny Unicorn Defense.

Who’s making it for me?

“advanced chipmunk combat”
“britney spears’ dentist spectacular”
“spirit of the fun noodle inferno”

“african -Yoink!- fighter”

Caesar’s Sloth of the -Yoink!-

Monty Python’s Frog Scandal
Master Chief’s Terrorist DS

“Planet of the Transvestite Bandits” Sounds like an adult film lol terrible plot line and dialogue…damn

“Pathetic Pokemon Invasion” How can anything Pokemon be pathetic? :’( Faith in humanity = lost

“Kinky Hovercraft Preacher” What?!

“Brain Damaged Bingo” Faith in humanity slowing restoring >.<

“Giant -Yoink!- Wranglers”

My life is now complete lol I love this thing ahah

Vampire Forklift Interceptor
Mythical Sloth of Doom
Teenage WWII - The Next Generation
Amish Tank - Total War
Asian Bungie 2000
Britney Spears’ Helicopter Apocalypse
Morbidly Obese Lawnmower Operatives
WWII Shaving in Space
Sensual Pokemon X

I want to play sensual pokemon x

Master Chief’s Graveyard in Africa

The story of how Master Chief died in New Mombasa

EDIT: had to add these in

Fatal Balloon for Kids
Under water Frisbee Combat
Holy Yoga babies
Rise of the Bubble Overlords
Elmo’s terrorist Express
Elegant Batman Tale
Hindu Shaving Hospital

Confusing Deer Hunter Agent- What the hell is that about?!

Sleazy Volleyball King- No! I’ve already seen enough royalty!

Ingenious Skate Nation- Sounds interesting.

Samurai Goblin Dynasty

What the heck!

College Hitman Blaster

Now THAT I’d play!