(VID) Tiny Skirmisher on Winter Contingency

Hi there. I’m aware that this is fairly known, and probably old to some of you, but I put together a video for a cool little…thing…on Winter Contingency.

Tiny Skirmisher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kcok9q0xO4

On top of the first building you go through (just before the first encounter with the covenant), there’s a Skirmisher that initially spawns as a tiny form of itself, growing to full size once you pass through the building. This video shows you how to get to the Skirmisher before it’s full size, as well as keeping it in the area after it’s grown (normally it will run and jump onto another building, and leave the area). There’s a full text tutorial, as well as some more in-depth info in the description if you feel like reading.

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