Victrix Mortalis

These may still be frequent so I’ll keep this short, sweet and possibly out of the ordinary.I’m recruiting for a clan called Victrix Mortalis, which despite the games age, is stationed mainly on Reach. ( At least for the time being, since H4 is not much of a clan friendly game. ( Hasn’t been since release…). With that aside I take to the forum in hopes of possibly enticing people who may have the possibility of stumbling over this post. We are a non-militarized clan that could feel like a second family to most. We do play mostly competitive, so matchmaking is frequent yet game nights can be held if you want them to be. As for raids, they are rare and are not a favored type of warfare. Yet we do dabble and practice sometimes. For time sake and fluidity, we have four leaders. Two of which are in the U.S and two who are in the U.K. Meaning if they are not busy, then they should be on and open for contact. We have openings in following divisions.Death Watch
The Guard
Airforce. ( No one has thought of a name.)Options will become available after a player proves themselves as a team member. Because advancements are always a plus. With that being said, do not be afraid to contact me whenever. Whether it be via this website or Xbox itself. I will reply when I can. Please enjoy your morning/afternoon/evening and goodbye!GT’s To contact
Aegeus or Akylas Ren ( Akylas is my fallback.)
Nobara Ren
Onaga Kar Mdama