Victrix Mortalis community recruitment.

Hello, I head the brand new Halo division of Victrix Mortalis, and we are looking for new recruits to join the cause! Essentially Victrix Mortalis is a multi-game community, built for the sole purpose of providing a fun and enjoyable experience for people looking to game with mature and unique individuals. We do not seek to set up specific ranks for this branch nor do we plan on taking it down the path of a military clan, all we seek to do is set up weekly little gatherings where a bunch of people can get together and have fun without any kind of authority telling them what to do. All for the benefit of the member and to keep everyone entertained within the clan since that is the purpose (or at least it should be) of clans.

If you are interested or want more information such as how the main clan itself is ran, how this branch will be ran, and general info that you might be curious about, please feel free to Contact me on Xbox live @TheGoldenPwn420 or on kik @TheGoldenPwn420

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!