Victrix: Competitive and Casual Evolved

Hey guys, this is Regimental Commander Forthencho here offering you a chance to sign on with Victrix.

About us:
We started as a small group of 5-6 players a few months ago and I haven’t been active until now. After I resumed command we battled the Cult and paved the way to an aggressive conquest of the world. Our ultimate goal is gather many great players of all mindsets and battle our way through many clans, and build/experience the greatest Custom Games of all time. Recently we’ve grown in size since last week from 9 members to 15, and continue to grow still.

One of the other unique things about Victrix aside from our objective to battle others is our ranking system, derived (but not the same as) from my school Culver Military Academy. When one first joins our clan, they are a new cadet until they pass through the ceremony that tests their teamwork against the selected few Cadre members who battle against them. While the New Cadet’s initiation isn’t solely based on winning or losing, it makes up a large part of it. Since most of the Cadre is made up of excellent players, we tend to give leeway when we see potential in our members of any kind. After the New Cadet passes he enters into the ranking system of the clan. Here is a list of our ranks and branches from Highest to lowest:

Regimental Staff
-Regimental Commander (RCOM) Acting Clan Leader
-Regimental Adjutant (RADJ)
-Regimental Operations Officer (ROPS)
-Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)

Squadron Staff(1st Battalion)
-Squadron Commander (SCOM)
-Squadron Adjutant (SADJ)
-Squadron Operations Officer (SOPS)
-Squadron Master Sergeant (SMS)
-Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM)
-Squadron Staff Sergeant (SSS)

Battalion Staff (2nd Battalion)
-Battalion Commander (BCOM)
-Battalion Adjutant (BADJ)
-Battalion Operations Officer (BOPS)
-Battalion Master Sergeant (BMS)
-Battalion Sergeant Major (BSM)
-Battalion Staff Sergeant (BSS)

Company Staff (4 Companies all use same ranks)
-Company Commander
-Company Sergeant

/End of administrative ranks…Transmission: Regular Ranks…Transmitting:/

Regular Rank Chain:
-Brigadier General (Field Marshall assuming your name or GT isn’t Marshall)
-(Forgotten rank) (???)
-General (GNL)
-Colonel (CNL)
-Captain (CPT)
-1st Lieutenant (1LT) [Reserved]
-2nd Lieutenant (2LT) [Reserved]
-Master Sergeant (MSgt)
-Sergeant Major (SgtM)
-Staff Sergeant (SSgt)
-Sergeant (Sgt)
-Corporal (Cpl)
-Lance Corporal (LCpl)
-Private First- (PFC)

The initial ranks up until Staff Sergeant one can rank up through just by participation in clan events such as custom games, battles, and matchmaking sprees. After Staff Sergeant, ranks higher up including administrative branches require degrees of skill, teamwork, and dedication to reach. Obviously once we fill positions one will notice a General should be marginally better than a PFC unless he’s a great recruit.

The next thing to address is our leadership system. We use a sort of pyramid of leadership to get our jobs done and people organized. The Regimental Staff leads the clan passing orders down through both Battalions. A Battalion can lead 2 companies, which consist of about 7-8 squads. The squad is led by a squad leader leading 2 team leaders and their New Cadets.

So effectively to shorten it down:

Reg. Staff< Battalion & Squadron < Company <Squad < Team

With this chain of command, the Regiment as a whole moves with clockwork efficiency receiving and distributing orders from the top to the individual through organization of groups. However the Regimental Sergeant’s special duty is to listen to and report complaints from the lower echelons of the chain of command and become the representative of the “plebs” so to speak.

With the leadership system out of the way, a good thing to clarify is any rank except administrative ranks can hold leadership positions such as “Squad Leader” or “Team Leader”. Although those positions are usually left to Corporals and Sergeants.

The final thing I want to mention is this, if you join all it takes is a little skill and a good bit a dedication and it won’t be hard to make it up there. And if you do wish to join us, reply to this post and send a message to the Regimental Adjutant “LyricCarpet961”. He’s acting Commander as of right now, so he’ll assign you to a rank and company.

This is Regimental Commander Forthencho, signing off.

/End Transmission…/10042StatusCode893501[END]/