Victory Is Ours Is Reruiting

VIO (Victory Is Ours) is recruiting we are a new clan.
Leadership positions are open.

I. You must read and agree to the Victory Is Ours Inc (VIO) Code of Conduct and register on this website before becoming an official member of the VIO community.

II. Cheating, hacking, game or system tampering will get you kicked out of VIO. NOTE: PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND YOUR XBOX LIVE(XBL) TERMS AND CONDITIONS, FOLLOW ALL APPLICABLE LAWS, AND ABIDE BY THEM and AS FOLLOWS …VIO does not condone the purchase of cheating, hacking, etc… products that may be offered through its advertisers on the VIO website, or the advertisers website, or any otherform that would violate this section.

III. Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated at all! This includes inside of lobbies, chat forums, or any game of any type. Please represent VIO to the fullest and in a positive manner. Do not fall victim to another user egging you on. Simply, mute the player or leave the game and/or lobby. Report the player to a higher up if they are a VIO member. If it is a public person, have your entire party leave that game. What you do and how youact are both reflections on how VIO is perceived.

IV. Harassment of any type, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, will NOT be tolerated. If you are found in violation of this section, you will face the harshest punishment, including possible dismissal from VIO, depending on the severity.

V. ALL MEMBERS MUST BE AGE 15 OR OLDER. NO EXCEPTIONS in VIO. However, we do have VIOJ Squads for 9-14 years of age players. NOTE: Although, VIOJ is a separate entity, VIOJ & VIOJ player ranks are still equitable and we must adhere to the c.o.c… For example, a VIOJ GENERAL is still above a VIO COMMANDER, but is the same rank as a VIO GENERAL.

VI. All members are accountable for themselves and their actions. Leaders within VIO are NOT responsible for members who break rules. Violatingmembers will be judged by the higher ranks up through VIO Management.

VII. All VIO members are proud to be a part of our gaming community and are willing to change their gamer tag within 30 days of joining VIO. Doing so will help us grow and to be recognized as an official clan.

What you can expect from VIO:

  • Both casual & competitive players of Halo 4
  • A professional website and forum facility.
  • Organized clan structure, and clan ranks updated monthly.
  • Active Competitive teams on Halo 4
  • Casual gaming atmosphere for those who want just that
  • Clanmates who are fun to play with, and place the team above themselves
  • Clanmates who are mature and treat all other players with respect
  • And most of all, Clanmates who want to have a fun time

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Recruitment Video
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We still have leadership positions open.

Please follow the rules of the recruiting forum.
There are some specific guidelines that we ask Clan Recruiters to follow during their ongoing recruitment efforts:
• Each clan is limited to one recruiting thread
• Clans may bump their recruiting thread once a week with a legitimate and substantial update (3-4 sentences)
• One additional thread may be made for challenges and tournaments