Victory by forfeit=DNF?

My last game I was doing really well. So well, that apparently everyone ragequit. It came down to me and one other guy at around 5 minutes, and with me in the lead, I simply played cat and mouse until he got in shotgun range. Well, he was too smart for that and realized I was just wasting his time, so he took it upon himself to leave. After a 5 second host migration, he leaves and the game ends. I think, “Haha, victory by lobby ragequit.”.

I come here to see the detailed stats and it says I actually quit myself, that EVERYONE DNF’d. As seen here.

I do not believe I had lagged out since my connection did not flutuate at all, the final host migration was a few seconds, and it says everyone else DNF’d also. So I think there’s a mess up in the system somewhere. I’d hate for the games I won by a lobby ragequit would be counted as a DNF for me, since this definitely isn’t the first time it’s happened.