Vicity Clan (Aus)

Hello, a friend and I are making up a team for Halo 5 and we were wondering how many people would be interested. Details Below.

Clan Name: Vicity Clan

We only have three requirements which are:

  1. Active Regularly
  2. Decent Skills. We don’t need elite players just people who know what they’re doing
  3. Need to have a headset of some sort (Kinect Will Do)

What are our goals/What is the purpose of this clan: We are trying to make a solid team of 4 players (already have two) to compete in matchmade tournaments and competitions. If we are all positive and really confident we can do good maybe even try for a spot at Halo Champs (Definitely not ready for that yet), or even to create friendship/bond with one another.

Are we any good ourselves:
BlazzaBoyBro121: Decent Player, Full front attack, great skill with BR’s.
Top three guns (in order): Battle Rifle, Light rifle, SMG.
Top three Vehicles (in order): Gungoose, Warthog, Ghost.

Myself: Decent player, Strategic map positioning, great Sniper skill.
Top three guns (in order): Sniper Rifle, DMR, Pistol.
Top three Vehicles (in order): Tank, Ghost, Warthog.

Team Traits:

  1. Fun/Great time/experience
  2. Great CTF Clan
  3. You’ll learn great tips and tricks whilst in this clan

Other notes:
We are open for lots of different suggested strategies and play styles, as we are always open to experiment.
Many Veteran Players.