Vicious Encore Is Recruiting! Now In HD!

Attention to all Halo Reach personnel: Now recruiting players for the new group Vicious Encore Gaming (VEG). If you are interested in joining VEG, message me VEG Seven and we will talk. Vicious Encore Gaming was Founded by VEG Seven on Monday, August 1, 2012. VEG is a Halo based clan that mainly focuses on Team work, Communication, and most of all Having Fun.

This group is divided into Divisions, our what we like to call them Factions. Each faction has 2 people to lead them, A General and a Co-General; their jobs are to keep the the faction alive and running. Each Faction max member level is 20. The goal of each faction is to compete with other factions and see who the top faction is.


MSG VEG Seven if you want to join.