Vibing to the Menu Music - anyone else?

This menu music is so insanely good :slight_smile:

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> This menu music is so insanely good :slight_smile:

One of the best parts of the first flight. Literally fire!

It itโ€™s what we like to call a proper evolution of the oh trilogy

I love the post rock and instrumentals mixing. Reminds me of Halo 2 mixed with Halo3, with some Halo 4 influence

Love it! Fells like a natural evolution of the score :slight_smile:

Hell yeah I literally let the game sit on the menu and just play on my phone at times and the music snatches my attention away from my phone all the time

Oh yeah. Itโ€™s awesome.

could listen to it all day. I honestly want to listen to it while working on schoolwork but id get in the moment.

Greatness and quite the surprise.