Vexius Coporation

Recruit in players to join Vexius Corporation. Ages 15+ growing stronger and bigger throughout the members we achieve to help us replenish the halo reach clan community through VC. We expect all personnel to be a counted for there daily squedualed training excersises. Those who want to join will go through qualification training to see what fits you best in your VC career. Members require a functioning headset of communication.
Any insubordination or any interruption of the training excersises will be kicked out of VC. We are military structured and UNSC similar.
Branches listed below:

VC Mobile Infantry
VC Marines
VC Air Defense
VC Security Enforcement
VC SII Programs
VC SIII Programs
VC Intelligence Observation
VC Office Of Special Deployments

If you are willing to enlist as a VC Operative contact Cpl Snow Rogers for entry thank yoj

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