Veto system / Map Preference needed in matchmaking

As Halo Infinite nears its release and 343’s support for MCC slows down, I think it is important that we get the OG veto system back or some way to control what maps we are playing. I know what people are going to say to this - “that will ruin the variety”. Well let me say, I’ve been playing halo since 2005 and at this point over 15 years later, I know which maps I find fun and which ones I do not find fun. I never need to play another game on Orbital in H3 for example. Yet I get it AT LEAST once every time I am online with my friends. If there was a way to select which maps I want to play in the match composer that would work as well, but I believe there is still a place for the veto to help reduce the odds of playing undesirable maps/gametypes. For example, Guardian Oddball and Construct King of the Hill are very long gametypes in hardcore and if you recently played one, chances are you don’t want to jump right back in to another potential 15 minute game. Please let us simply veto and roll the dice for a different combination. It would greatly improve the MCC experience for so many players. Some maps/gametypes are better than others, it’s just a fact. Pretending otherwise for the sake of variety is not actually fun.